Natural Handmade Soap from The Little Soapmaker

You may have gotten this web address from my soap labels, my business card or a friend who has tried my soap. However you arrived, you are in for a treat!

I have been making soap for many years now and it has evolved into an enjoyable business. There is nothing quite like a customer that refuses to use any other soap after using that which you have created! People have driven several hours just to stock up on their favorites. You too can stock up by ordering online or visiting my store in Yakima, WA.

Why Natural Handmade Soap?

A message from The Little Soapmaker

If you have yet to try handmade soaps and wonder what all the fuss is about, read on!

Long ago soap companies began removing glycerin and other great natural soap ingredients to increase profits. This required the need to add other less "skin-friendly" chemicals. (Just try reading the ingredients label on your store purchased bar of soap.) This process made "soap" more detergent than true soap.

True soap cannot be made without lye (Sodium Hydroxide). Before you "gasp" with fright, let me explain. Although lye is used in the soap making process, the finished product contains NO LYE. Lye, when mixed with the skin-loving oils used in our soap, goes through a chemical change called saponification. The lye is gone and all you have left is a truly wonderful product that will clean your skin without drying!

Not only will you love the feel, you'll find that true soap lasts MUCH longer than other "soap".