Our Story

Who are we?

My name is Minu and I'm the owner of The Little Soapmaker, along with Alexis Ponce. We work hard to meet our customer's satisfaction and needs but, also providing the best handmade and natural products for you're daily skin care. Acquiring The Little Soapmaker has been a whirlwind of excitement. Jody Macias has left me the business about five years ago. I had been talking about going into business for a few years, but I was hesitant to do this by my own.

We both knew we needed some business advice. The first person that came to mind was Julie Brown, a long-time friend. I knew that she owned The Little Soapmaker for many years, 16 to be exact. So I asked her to meet me for coffee to discuss the pros and cons of business. During that conversation, she mentioned she was considering retiring soon. At first I was surprised and didn’t know what to think. We knew this was an amazing opportunity for us but knew we couldn’t do it on our own.

When Julie offered to be our consultant for the next year, the endeavor became a realistic opportunity. Considering her many years of experience, her lifetime of knowledge and the wonderful products Julie has developed over several years…we realized how fortunate we were to be able to jump right into this journey and continue the all-natural handmade product line she had created. As a community business person, she has an outstanding reputation that we will work to continue as we build on her foundation. 

Continuing her product line and the great reputation she has established in this community is more than we could ever have imagined. We feel truly blessed and honored to be a part of the legacy that Julie has established in our community.