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Regular Soap

"Regular Soap" refers to my gentle, highly fragrant soap that leaves you with beautifully clean skin without harsh chemicals. Regular soaps are handmade with Saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrogenated Soy Bean Oil, and Distilled Water. Our soaps are scented with pure essential or "skin-friendly" fragrant oils and often have botanicals added for skin softening or exfoliation. 

Due to the handmade process by which our products are made all soap bars vary from 4½ to 5 oz.

Cinnamon - with flaxseed:
 Smells like happy holidays, feels like great exfoliation.

Eucalyptus Mint - with ground oats:
 Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils blend into a rejuvenating experience you will want to have over and over.

Gardenia - with oats: 
If you like the smell of Gardenias this is the soap for you! Gardenia all the way.

Honey Almond - with oats:
 This soap is a delight to use. Just the right scent and the perfect amount of oats for the skin. One of the most popular of all scents.

Hoppy Beer:
 FUN! Made with beer and hops grown here in the Yakima Valley. A very clean fresh scent.

Lavender - with oats:
 The "Mother" of all herbal soaps. Relaxing, soothing, good for all types of skin. (see also in Goat's Milk soap and Shea Cream Lotion)

Nag Champa - with bran:
 Nag Champa lovers rejoice. This soap has been returned to stock by popular demand.

Orange and Clove - with calendula petals: 
Remember Grandma letting you stuff cloves in oranges at Christmas? I do! This is for her. VERY popular.

Sandalwood Spice:
 A favorite for men and women, woodsy scent with the added spiciness of cinnamon.

Sportsmen Soap:
 This is great for several things. You may simply love the smell of black licorice, or perhaps you know that Anise oil removes human scent! For this reason, it was recommended by our dear friend and expert fly fisherman, Gary Fairbanks. ALSO, this soap is camouflaged. Too cool to pass up for the sportsman in your life.

Tea Tree - with 4 other great essential oils:
Tea Tree is known for it's healing properties for the skin. This is a great one for acne prone skin.  (Also contains: Geranium, Sandalwood, Lavender and Patchouli.

True Grit:
 Are you a gardener, mechanic, or someone who just really likes a nice scrubby soap? This soap is the bomb! No less than 5 different scrubbing ingredients (Orange peel, luffa, pumice, fuller's earth, and coffee grounds.) Also this has a higher percentage of oils that really cut the grease.

Unscented: No scent, just pure soap. Perfect for the no nonsense person.
Unscented - with oatmeal:
 No scent, just pure soap with ground oats.

Yakima Peppermint - with ground peppermint:
 My signature soap. Peppermint that is grown and distilled right here in the Yakima Valley. Very refreshing!!!


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